The Game
WalkScape is a game inspired by some old school MMORPGs. But this game has one major trick up its sleeve: you don't play actively, but instead gain progress by walking.
You can expect a fun and exciting journey through the World of Arenum while also having the motivation to walk!
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Level up skills by walking in real life
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Over 15 different skills to level up and master
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Community features, global marketplace and online leaderboards.
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Lots of quests, random encounters and a main storyline spanning multiple continents.
Screenshots from the game covering some of the mechanics. You can find more in our Subreddit!
The game is called WalkScape and its for a reason: the game will allow you to complete all kinds of content by just walking. You can level up all skills and do all activities by walking. This is because walking is an activity type that most people are doing even passively, so even if you are just walking to a store or walking around your job you always gain progress.
Later down the road when we start supporting smart watches with the game, we have planned to add other exercise types to the game. You will be rewarded in the game based on your exercise length, average BPM and calories burned.
You can check the roadmap with the link below. With our current estimates, we will release a closed beta some time between June-August this year.
We are not still 100% sure about the monetisation, so things mentioned here are subject change as is usual for a game that is still in development. We are trying to find ways that would monetise the game as fairly as possible and keeping it affordable. I'm very against any predatory monetisation practises, and we will not want to have things like microtransactions in the game for that reason. I personally find those practises morally questionable, as they encourage unhealthy spending habits and many players end up paying more than they intended.
Based on our current plans, we will have an affordable subscription that you can upgrade to while you can also play the game for free. Subscription opens the whole game world for you, while F2P players will be limited to certain parts of the in-game world. Subscription would not give any unfair advantage like buffs to experience gain, more in-game gold or things like that. It just gives you access to all of the in-game content. If you are not interested in the online features of the game or paying the subscription, there will also be an offline game mode. To play the offline game mode you have to only pay one time fee.
That being said, it's still subject to change just like everything else for a game that is not ready yet. You can expect us to have a more solid pricing after the closed beta, as we then have more concrete data on how much the server costs and other expenses for the game will be. We want the monetisation to be as affordable as possible while also enabling us to run a sustainable business.
We are getting a lot of offers to help with the game! I hope that you stick around here, as we will be posting here if something that needs specific help comes up. You can DM me directly with your offers, or contact us via email:
If you are feeling generous, the most helpful thing right now to enable us to start a business and pay for any upcoming expenses is becoming a supporter. You can support us on:
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Please, post suggestions to our Discord channel's #suggestions-questions I am really open for suggestions and love to hear them. I can't include every suggestion that is being posted in the game and my first priority is to get a complete product so you can all start playing it.
Yes! The game is being developed with Flutter, which has a great support for cross-platform. This means that porting the game for both operating systems isn't a problem and doesn't require a lot of work.
Yes! There are currently following game modes designed to be available:
  • Online competitive (default mode). More strict gameplay mode that has anti-cheat measures etc. at play. Can't be customised and needs online connection periodically.
  • Casual mode. You can customise the game's difficulty (like how many steps you need per action, combat difficulty etc.) and it will incorporate more ways to progress in the game. Can be played totally offline.
  • Ironman mode. You can play it completely offline, but there are online leaderboards. You basically need to be totally self-reliant in terms of materials and other resources, as you can't buy them from other players.
  • Hardcore mode (not verified, just an idea). Similar to ironman, but combat difficutly is increased. You can be attacked randomly by monsters while doing activities. Dying in this mode will wipe your inventory clean and you will lose your "undefeated" status.
You can support the game by participating in the discussions here on Discord or on the subreddit. Also voting on the polls, giving feedback and posting suggestions really helps!
If you want to seriously support the game, spread the word. Gaining more attention helps us to be noticed by game media, which opens a lot of doors for us.
If you are very seriously loving the game and would like to support and you are in position to do so, you can support us via Buy me a Coffee or Patreon. Every donation helps us to spend more time to work on WalkScape, while it also enables us to cover any upcoming expenses and start a business.
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Yes! Smart watches will be supported. We will first have integrations with Apple Health and Google Fit and then add support to Strava, and might work our way from there to include some other manufacturers as well. But if your watch or band can sync with Strava/Fit/Health it's very likely that you can use it with the game.
Support Us
You can support WalkScape's development via Patreon or Buy me a Coffee. Supporters of the game gain some exclusive benefits that are listed on Patreon and Buy me a Coffee.

WalkScape is completely community funded, and all of the support is very much appreaciated. ❤️
Nothing here yet. But hopefully sooner than later! WalkScape will be released for both iOS and Android.